The Trans Mental Health Debate Is A Lot More Complicated Than You ...

Transgender people are mentally ill, says SC Republican running for Congress | The State

A Republican candidate for Congress told a GOP crowd that transgender people have “an issue with mental illness.”

Lee Bright was speaking with other congressional candidates in Greenville when he said, “You’re either a man or a woman — and if you’re confused, you’ve got an issue with mental illness,” the Greenville News reports.

This isn’t the first time Bright has spoken out on gender identity issues. In 2015, Bright sponsored a “bathroom bill” while serving in the S.C. Senate. Keep Reading

Local Real Estate: Homes for Sale

Greenville’s real estate market has plenty of auction opportunities for average homes

Buy Photo

With bidding tickets in hand, dozens of people gathered near Bud Boozer’s home in Mauldin last week, prepared to claim the 1970s-era ranch-style house.

Auctioneer R Dwayne Johnson with Townville Station looked over the crowd as he discussed the rules. The house would be sold as is. A 10 percent buyer’s premium would be added to the winning bid to reach the full contract price. A check should be written for the full price once the seller had accepted the bid.

“The last person with their hand, if we’re not at the reserve, has the negotiation power. They’re the ones that we’re going to talk to. When you submit offers, you don’t get this ability,” Johnson said. Keep Reading

At Origins, millennials take stock of their lives

GREENVILLE, S.C. (BP) — An old cigar warehouse that has stood sentry over Greenville’s Main Street for 150 years is now part of the emerging millennial mecca in this town of 70,000.

Matthew Elrod, lead pastor of Origins, a church which meets in a 150-year-old former cigar warehouse in downtown Greenville, S.C., regularly addresses millennials’ spiritual questions in his preaching. Keep Reading

Accelerate and Automate: c Investment in Smart City Transportation

Attendees of the 2018 ULI Carolinas Meeting tour downtown Greenville.

Urban planners and technology experts are hard at work bringing “smart city” technology—autonomous transportation, digital sensors, smart grids, and, yes, artificial intelligence—to a city near you. These were among the takeaways from a panel discussion at the 2018 ULI Carolinas Meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. Keep Reading